Edmund Teske

Edmund Teske had an extensive collection of photographs over a sixty year career.
He began his earliest photography with family portraits in his basement studio at his parents’ home in Chicago in the early 1930s. He was still photographing and working on his latest book, “Emanations”- a six volume opus, when he passed away in 1996.

The archives is working to scan the original prints and upload them into the digital age for all to see and enjoy.

Along with being an artist/photographer, Teske was an ardent poet. Some of his poems, and fascinating correspondence with the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright, Minor White and Man Ray will be included. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment to view original work for purchase or have questions pertaining to licensing, please contact the archives at the email listed below.

In the spirit of art and photography may Edmund Teske’s life’s work continue to  invoke imagination, inspire, and delight  all people around the globe.

Edmund Teske Archives

Edmund R. Teske

This photograph of Edmund Teske was taken by Nils Vidstrand during the filming of the Lightborne production video series Photoprofiles at the Ennis-Brown house of Frank Lloyd Wright in Hollywood, California, 1989.mailto:info@edmundteske.com?subject=Photography%20of%20Edmund%20Teskeshapeimage_2_link_0
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“I take you in upon myself, green are the leaves, pointed pine.

Golden the burst of dandelions in the blue green grass of an early dawn moist with dew. 
Exquisite the focal point 
of all Being.”

Edmund Teske
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